Darman Ara Eng
Affiliated Companies

The main concern of Darman Ara is the effort for the development of health care, not only in the country but also worldwide. Our company supports patients by providing the best and highest-quality medicines at a reasonable price from renowned companies worldwide. Besides serving the community, we will always try to provide excellent service to our fellow countrymen with our excellent work ethic. We enjoy our work and try to spread positive energy in the community and deliver our goods.

National Tree Planting

Darman Ara team respect the Environment by attending different social activities, such as tree planting.

School Construction

As one of Darman Ara Company’s goals is to ensure “equal access to education for all students,” the company is involved in a project called “Irane Man,” which has started building schools in disadvantaged areas. Regular and annual support to charities is another socially responsible activity of Darman Ara Co.

Rare Diseases Association Sponsorship

Darman Ara Co. as the representative and supplier of Plasma-derived products of Biotest Company, also considering usage of these products in many rare diseases, including various immunodeficiency diseases, with the aim of awareness and facilitate reaching therapies for patients, is committed to supporting the Research Center for Immunodeficiencies, Hemophilia center and other relevant associations in their annual charity, scientific and research programs.

Affiliated Companies