world rabies day

World Rabies Day

September 28th, the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur, the renowned French Chemist and Biologist who discovered Rabies Vaccine, is named “World Rabies Day”. World Rabies Day aims to increase awareness on this disease and take effective actions in order to eradicate the disease worldwide.

Rabies is created by a group of viruses, among which, Lyssavirus is the most important virus, since, almost all the human and dog rabies cases are infected by this virus. Rabies can be transmitted to human by dogs, raccoons, foxes, bats, etc. After being exposed to virus, the time for onset of symptoms may vary from a few days to more than one year and depends on the distance of injury to brain, the amount of transmitted virus and the size of body of infected person. Primary symptoms include headache, fever, exhaustion, itching sensation at the site of the bite and specific symptoms of rabies including hallucination, sensitivity to light, hyper salivation, hydrophobia, insomnia and aggression. Annual fatality rate due to infection with rabies is approximately 59000 people, among which, 40% is comprised of children.

Rabies is a “preventable disease”. Effective immunization vaccines for protection of human and animals against rabies are available. Through vaccination of dogs (for stopping the disease at its origin) and also effective preventive treatment for people at the time of encountering virus (including human vaccines), this disease can be prevented 100%.

“Rabies”: One Health, Zero Death, is the theme for 2022, which highlights the eradication of death due to infection with rabies through implementation of an international strategic plan in collaboration with societies and national health system until 2030.

Reference: Global Alliance for Rabies Control